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About Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars is the world’s first truly Animated Digital Trading Card Game. Infinity Wars will support Cross-platform multiplayer, All animated cards, Record player stats, Decks and cards are stored on our cloud server, and many other digital features to enhance your playing experience!

Long ago, the Old World was shattered by magic too powerful for reality to cope with. Reality was split into infinite mirror dimensions, each left to develop on its own path over millenia. In time, rifts between the dimensions started to appear, and thus began the Infinity Wars.


  • Free to Play
  • "Merged Deck" Mode
  • Fully Animated Decks
  • Comprehensive Tutorial Quests
  • Simultaneous Gameplay
  • Remote Turn-Based Multiplayer
  • Hardcore Strategy
  • Weekly New Releases
  • Comprehensive Ever Changing Single Player Campaign
  • 3D Transformable Battlefield


Cult of Verore
Descendants of the Dragon
Flame Dawn
Genesis Industries
Sleepers of Avarrach


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