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The Overseers are one of the factions in Infinity Wars. The Overseers of Solace are angels from the Upper Realm, known as Solace. Upon seeing the Rifts tearing the walls between realities, the Overseers noted that the undead were spreading through the realities, leaving nothing alive in their wake.

Fearing that the Sleepers would destroy humanity across all the worlds eventually, they sprung into action. The Overseers of Solace have tasked themselves with preventing the spread of the Sleeper virus, and eradicating it. They are also watching the rifts tear holes in reality with concern, fearing it will create too much chaos to contain. Although they have reached out to some of the factions strongest heroes, they care little for human life. Their approach may not be in the best interest for all their allied factions against the Sleepers.

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